Image Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar
Principal (Cambridge)

Mr. Bhatnagar has a considerable experience (17 years) in teaching ICT/Applied ICT/Computer Studies to British IGCSE and A Level standard to International students from multi faith and plural backgrounds and in educational management. He has worked in several countries including India, Saudi Arabia and Malawi. He is a certified moderator for Computer Studies for O Levels of Cambridge University. He also completed Professional Development Programmes for teaching IGCSE-ICT & Applied ICT for AS Levels and A Levels from CIE. He is also an International speaker and his current list includes Conferences in New Delhi, Dubai, Singapore and Gurugram.

I’m very proud to be the Principal (Cambridge) at Rockwoods High School. We are very glad to be the pioneers of International Education in a true sense, in Udaipur. We are officially the first school to be designated as a Cambridge International School in Udaipur in 2016.

The school team puts in immense efforts to make lessons enjoyable and effective for our young people. This is in sync with our on-going journey to achieve ‘Excellence in Education’.

I’m delighted to have played a small part in the school’s success but such recognition is the result of the hard work of the school management, our staff and students – supported by their families – over time.

Our next challenge will be to ensure that Rockwoods maintains these high standards as we aim to become an exceptional progressive school, as we deliver excellence from Stage 1 all the way through to A Levels.

Cambridge Section at Rockwoods is a 5-18, all through school. The primary phase began in 2016 and the Secondary phase will develop year by year until our IGCSE batch begins in 2019. The First Secondary 1 CheckPoint and Primary CheckPoint exam will be held in April 2018.

Cambridge programmes prepare students for life – helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning.

Cambridge helps students become:

  • confident
  • responsible
  • reflective
  • innovative and
  • engaged

ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world, capable of shaping a better world for the future.