Welcome to the world of Rockwoods High School where the students define tomorrow. Today's child belongs to the wired generation who can multitask with superb ease whether watching T.V., surfing the net, listening to the iPod – all at the same time. These are the kids who live in cyberspace. This the generation which is confident and focused for whom the latest career option may be, you never know, building a colony on moon. The onus lies on us to open the floodgates of opportunity for them. Like tireless sculptors our schools need to chisel and create masterpieces of each child to produce epoch makers of tomorrow. This is exactly what we do at Rockwoods High School by honing the multifaceted dimension of every child to produce a wholesome entity. We open the way of future to children who belong to the future. We are the powerful storm ready to give wings to the students to soar into the vast horizon of limitless opportunities. Image Archimedes had said, “ Give me a lever long enough and I can single handedly move the world.” Well dear parents, we give our students an opportunity to rise, a stage to shine and showcase their immense talents and tremendous potential to nurture excellence and create incredible citizens of future.